Nikki Rechtszaid

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inappropriate Disney Photos

Disney characters the way you've never seen them before

Meanwhile In Russia - WTF Photos

Meanwhile in Russia, WTF Pictures

Classy or Trashy? You Decide

Classy or Trashy? - You decide

What Your Condom Brand Says About You

Is your favorite condom revealing your secrets?

I like the XXL and the Extra Safe. Cause I'm really big and I last a long time and I like XXSexy girls. I last so long I never came during sex so I'm like doing this girl for an hour and she wants to quit cause she's in pain and already came 3 times. Then they get bored.

People Failing At Life

If this looks like your life, you're doing it wrong.

Hot Chicks With Jerks

These Douchebags Don't Deserve Their Girlfriends

Food Hacks

Next time you're at McDonald's, you've got to try these awesome hacks. Secret menu, paleo foods, and more.